SIMPLY SHELLI HAIR SERUM--hair thickener/growth serum - Simply Shelli Hair Serum
SIMPLY SHELLI HAIR SERUM--hair thickener/growth serum -  & "How to Make Your Own Vitamins & Supplements."
Hair Treatment Programs
For thinning hair or hair that just won't grow
"We have the only Shampoo that contains hair serum"
Made with Argan Oil
Contains 25 pure herbs
& Spices and
8 pure Oils. It's thick.
If you're constantly blow drying your hair, or using a flat iron, etc. you are going to need hair products, such as shampoos, that contain a good thick hair serum.
If your shampoo doesn't contain a good hair serum, chances are your hair will start shedding after a period of time. We include our hair serum into all of our products.
Also, when it comes to hair loss, or thinning hair problems, our hair care products may be better for your hair because they do not contain formaldehyde nor other toxic chemicals. Some people have stronger hair follicles than others; therefore, your average retail hair products w/formaldehyde and toxins won't affect their hair. But, for people with weakened hair follicles, they may need our formaldehyde/toxic free hair care products.  
"You’ve tried everything else for thinning hair, yet your hair keeps shedding. 
Our products are specifically made to thicken and grow your hair.
You should see results within 2 weeks or your money back.
Add 2-3 ounces of this thick hair serum into your shampoo & shake; or
purchase our SLS free Shampoo with the
Serum already included.
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