SIMPLY SHELLI HAIR SERUM--hair thickener/growth serum - Simply Shelli Hair Serum
SIMPLY SHELLI HAIR SERUM--hair thickener/growth serum -  & "How to Make Your Own Vitamins & Supplements."
Full Strength Herbal Hair Treatment
 Serum contains: Real minerals, Vitamins, and Omegas 3,6,& 9.
Not LAB made!!!!!!
SLS Free Shampoo is made from Mineral Water and is an hair thickener as well.
"No animals tested."
For all hair types (Balanced) pH5.
No need to get corticosteroid injections into your scalp from Dermatologist. Try our products first.
Official Site-from Michigan, USA
"We ship ASAP--Priority Mail--Insured."
For women & men for Thicker hair, Volumizing, Hair Growth,
It will also stop your hair from "shedding."
(Our Potent Serum contains 8 pure oils & 25 pure herbs & spices--made in a still --then fermented) After 6 months, it's no longer needed.
Returns for full refund within 14 days--buyer pays for return postage. After 6 months you should no loner need this serum.
Simply Shelli Hair Serum 8ozs. V.P.Website
Fast Hair Growth/Thickener Serum
8ozs.Excellent pre-pooFor all hair types  pH5  (Made in USA).
Add 2-3 ounces into any shampoo,
or use as a pre-poo (pour onto scalp-cover
with plastic cap--wait 20-30 minutes--
shampoo). Great Volumizer. (Clip dead ends)
Free Shipping  USA---2-3
business days. Int'l 6-10 days, $15
We ship Priority Mail ASAP
         $30.00/Serum only
Fast hair growth serum 8ozs.
Hair thickener
Price: $30.00
Fast Hair Thickener/Growth Serum): Our pure old fashioned Serums are concentrated and specifically made to significantly thicken hair; stop hair from shedding; and grow your hair. It has a special blend of 100% Pure Oils, Herbs & Spices. It’s carefully made in a still-then fermented. It contains: Moroccan Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Grape seed Oil, Horsetail powder, Brahmi,  Lavender, Lemongrass, Honey, Roman Chamomile, Calendula, Sage, Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Aloe Vera Gel, Apple Cider Vinegar, Nettle, Comfrey, Eucalyptus, Moringa, Peppermint, etc. 25 pure herbs & 8 pure oils in all. It’s carefully made in a still—then fermented. It leaves hair thicker, stronger, longer, healthier, and with more body. This potent serum is included into our Shampoo.  Also, you can add this serum into all of your hair care products.   (Clip dead ends)

Grow & Thicken your HAIR!!!!
See results within 2 weeks 
Excellent for thinning hair; hair loss; shedding hair; or hair weakened from medications; i.e. (Blood Pressure Meds), ADHD Meds, Diabetic Meds, Steroids, etc. Don't stop taking your meds;strenghten your hair with Simply Shelli Products.
Fast Hair Thickener/Growth Serum Shampoo(18ozs): This shampoo has the potent serum already mixed in.  It's made from Mineral Water.  It is also sulfate-free.  Just shake before each use to mix the herbs & oils.  This shampoo has no: formaldehyde, parabens, synthetic fragrances, chemicals, artificial coloring, no sulfates, and no petroleum products; it’s purely vegan. Leaves hair thicker, fuller, more shiney, with lots of body &
healthier. pH5.   Always clip dead ends.
Int'l shipping $15.00.
Shampoo thickener/growth
Shampoo alone
Price: $40.00
     $40.00/Sulfate Free Shampoo/w Serum incl. (Clip dead ends)
Simply Shelli Hair Thickener-- Kit
The Serum (8ozs), Shampoo (18ozs)Conditioner (8ozs) are rich in all Essential Minerals & Vitamins; including vitamins: A, C, D, K, P, E, F, all B Vitamins, Protein, Biotin, Calcium, all Omegas; 3, 6, and 9,  Potassium, Bio-flavonoids, Coumarins, Beta-carotenes,  Silicates, Polyphenols, Flavonols, phosphorus, Iodine, Tannins, Magnesium, Phytosterols, etc. (pH5).
(Clip dead ends)      Int'l ship $15.00
Hair thickener/growth (Kit)
3 piece hair thickener kit
Price: $65.00
Directions: Use the 8 ounce serum as a pre-poo (warm--apply small amount to hair first--massage--cover with plastic cap--wait 10-20 minutes(not under hair dryer!! Must keep hair moist)--then shampoo). After you’ve finished shampooing, use the conditioner. You may wash out the conditioner or use it as a leave-in for stubborn hair. Now, you can sit under the hair dryer—if you wish.   (Clip dead ends)
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For Black/Ethnic Hair Treatments
This super 5pc set is the best kit for Black/Ethnic Hair. It's great for hair that won't grow out. It contains the Serum, SLS free Shampoo, Serum Spray Mist, Conditioner, and Moisturizer. All products are made with Argan Oil.

The Serum & shampoo will thicken the hair and stop it from shedding; the Conditioner is to be used after shampooing; the Serum Mist Spray is a leave-in; it will give you more length; and the moisturizer will leave you with a nice shine that won't weigh your hair down. Using all 5 of these products your hair and follicles should return to normal.
Click on photo to purchase from                              Each bottle is 8 ozs. (40 ozs of product).
For all hair types
Hair Growth Thickener Kit -   Serum,  Shampoo & Conditioner
Fast Hair Growth Thickener-- Kit (pH5)
Sulfate Free Shampoo (18 ozs.)
Hair Thickener Serum-Pre-poo (16 ozs.)
Conditioner (16ozs.)
Plastic bonnet (2)
Jelly comb (1)
Instructions. (Great Volumizer Set)
Shampoo filled to the top of bottle. Has 2 ozs more making it 18 ozs.
Free Priority Mail shipping  USA.  Orders take 2-3 business days to arrive.   International orders $15.00 shipping; 6-10 days to arrive. Makes hair thicker. See results within 2 weeks.  (Clip dead ends)
SS Beauticians Bulk (Kit)
Large Hair Thickener/Growth Kit
Price: $79.00
$79.00/BULK  KIT
Returns for full refund within 14 days--buyer pays for return postage.
If you don't feel comfortable applying your own treatment, check with your local Salons & Barber Shops to see if they're providing this full strength herbal hair treatment program for thinning, shedding hair. Many charge $20--$30 per treatment. That price doesn't include dying, cutting, styling, perms, relaxers, etc., just the treatment.
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