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SLS Free Unscented Hair Serum Shampoo (1) gallon


This is the original Serum Shampoo for hair loss.  It actually has hair serum in it.  Our Hair Serum Shampoo is not as thick as retail shampoo because we use extra hair serum, Castor Oil, Bamboo Silica, and Argan Oil in it; but it works! Great for children too. 

Our Serum Shampoo ranges in color from creamy white to a golden color.  It depends on when the herbs were harvested when making the Serum. We have no control over the color.  It's not lab made. No matter the color, it works the same.  This is a specialty item.

Sell at flea markets,Salons, Barber shops, etc. Pour into dark colored bottles to keep the sun out and it keeps the Serum Shampoo potent.  A beautician can treat 128 clients (1oz. of product for ea. client) @ $20.00 per client = $2,560.00.  (We have a limit 1-4 gallons for sale).

You'll only need to use 1oz of our Shampoo to thoroughly clean your clients hair.

This Serum Shampoo contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfates nor detergents. Our lather comes from a special blend of 100 % pure white olive oil that generates tons of soft creamy lather. This shampoo is unscented. It also contains 25% our hair thickener serum already mixed in. Just 1 ounce will leave your hair thicker and squeaky clean. It will also stop your hair from shedding. Plus, It won't leave your hair oily and weighed down.

After 6 months, you should no longer need this serum shampoo; your hair will become thick and strong. You will see a difference within 2 weeks or less. My serums are not cut, diluted, or watered down like companies that mass produce their serums. My serums are 100% pure; full strength. (For all hair types).

Contents: (1) Gallon of SLS Free Serum Shampoo.





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