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Hair Lengthener Serum Spray Mist with Argan Oil 1 gallon


Business opportunity for hair loss. Resell for $25.00 (8oz) bottles ea. Pour into dark colored spray bottles to keep the sun out.  This preserves the serum and keeps it potent. This is a hair lenthener growth serum. It's an excellent Flex Rod Spray too.   It contains 25 pure herbs and spices as well as 8 pure oils.  Won't leave your hair oily and weighed down. Spray onto wet or dry hair. Best on wet hair after shampooing.  It should stop your hair from shedding and grow your hair. It will also leave highlights. For all hair types. Comes in a white 1 gallon plastic jug.  Great for children too.

Made in the USA.

Shipping $5.00 Gallon..  We ship ASAP Priority Mail.  USA Only. Shipping overseas is too expensive.

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