Simply Shelli Hair Serum L.L.C.

For Hair Loss  "Made in the USA.  "Not lab made. " We make hair thickeners."

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Hair Thickener Lengthener Serum Treatment Kit with Castor Oil, 9oz. ea.


For hair loss. The SLS Free Unscented Serum Shampoo thickens the hair while the Serum Mist lengthens it: The Serum Mist is also an excellent Flex Rod Spray to.  It leaves hair with lots of body.  An awesome combination!!! Comes in (2) 9oz bottles. Both contain our potent Hair Serum made with 25 pure herbs and spices, as well as, 8 pure oils. It won't leave your hair oily and weighed down.  Some customers reported hair growing 1 inch within 1 week. You will see results within 2 weeks or return for a full refund.  Paypal handles our transactions.

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