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Crimping Iron Hair Gloss Souffle with Argan Oil 2 ozs


Hair Gloss Souffle for crimping, curling, and flat irons. Don't use hair spray for crimping hair; It leaves hair hard, causing it to easily break. Instead, use our hair gloss soufflé. It makes deep crimps and nice curls. It keeps hair from breaking. Leaves hair with lots of body. It's also a hair thickener. See Pictures: the highlights on the hair in the pictures comes from our Serum Spray Mist. Use on hair only. Use very little. A little goes a long way. Do not oil scalp: if you oil your scalp, it will plug up your hair follicles. Follicles need to breathe.


This listing is for (1) 2 oz jar of Hair Gloss Souffle. The crimping iron is not included in this listing.


Contents: (1) 2oz jar


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