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Retro Crochet Handcrafted Wig light brown


Light Brown Retro Dreadlock Crochet handcrafted full wig. 1960's and 70's. It has a large cap; Handmade item. The cap has 2 combs. Also, it comes with 4 large bobby pins & a hair net.

Instructions: Place the hair net onto your head first; then place the wig onto your head. It also comes with a 9 oz. bonus bottle of Spray Serum with Argan oil.

Spray onto your hair 2 times per week to keep hair from shedding whilst wearing wig. Wearing wigs can cause hair to shed or thin. This Serum Mist Spray prevents shedding, while thickening your hair beneath the wig.

This Serum spray is a hair thickener too. It's made from 25 pure herbs & spices, as well as, 8 pure oils. Our products are not lab made, nor massed produced. MADE IN THE USA.

Sorry, no returns due to health code violations such as: spreading of Shingles, lice, bedbugs, etc. We cannot resell this item.

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